Securing the future of psychological science


For my final column in gradPSYCH as Chair of APAGS, I discuss trends, challenges and opportunities facing psychological science including:

  1. Embrace Interdisciplinary Research
  2. Demonstrate the Efficacy of Your Practice
  3. Engage in Empirically Supported Teaching
  4. Advocate for Funding

Here's an excerpt:

Modern research questions are often beyond the scope of a single discipline. As a result, the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation are increasingly funding interdisciplinary research proposals. Editors of high-impact journals publish research that is integrative and translational. And research departments recruit faculty with interdisciplinary experiences.
To remain competitive in this climate, graduate students must learn how to collaborate with scientists from other disciplines and integrate multiple methodologies into their research. A good place to start is by seeking research collaborators in fields such as biological sciences, linguistics, experimental philosophy, law, physics, computer science and robotics.

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