The internship crisis: A call to action


The internship crisis remains the top priority of APAGS. Therefore, I focused my current gradPSYCH Chair's Corner column on what graduate students can do right now to help address the issue. Strategies include: 

  1. Activate your department.
  2. Encourage the development of new internships.
  3. Advocate for the Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) program.
  4. Increase awareness.

Here's an excerpt:

Most psychologists outside of training are not aware of the gravity of the internship crisis. As someone who is personally affected by this crisis, you are uniquely positioned to speak on this issue. Get familiar with the issue and proposed solutions, perhaps by reading the November 2007 special issue of Training and Education in Professional Psychology, which focused on the internship crisis. As you meet with professionals during conferences, conventions and meetings, share your knowledge about the problem, its ramifications and potential long-term solutions. Encourage them to spread the word and make the resolution of this crisis a top priority for psychology. 

Read the full article to learn more about what you can do to help solve the internship crisis.

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