Top 5 Panels at the 2013 Trichotillomania Conference

Image via  TLC

Image via TLC

One of my favorite professional meetings of the year is the Trichotillomania Learning Center’s annual conference. TLC brings together researchers, clinicians, individuals with trichotillomania, and those who love them in one place for a three-day event. It’s a rare treat to be able to interact with so many different types of people in an informal, casual setting. This year’s conference kicks off today here in the NYC area.

If you are a first time attendee, here are my top 5 must see panels:

  1. Picking and Pulling 101 with Fred Penzel, PhD & Charles Mansueto, PhD: Both psychologists have a casual and approachable style that makes it easy to get oriented to the conference. 
  2. Separating Snake Oil from Penicillin with Douglas W. Woods, PhD: Dr. Woods will teach you how to save your time and money by avoiding junk treatments and finding help that is supported by science.
  3. Overcoming BFRB Urges When Facing Interpersonal Stress with Sherrie Vavrichek, LCSW-C: Ms. Vavrichek’s panels are always interactive, experiential, and skill-focused – you leave having learned a lot of practical skills.
  4. Strategies for Impulse Reduction: a Mindfulness-Based Approach with Christina Pearson: Ms. Pearson is the founder/rockstar of TLC and a lifelong advocate for people with body-focused repetitive behavior problems. 
  5. Animal Models with Joseph Garner, PhD: Dr. Garner is one of the most engaging, passionate, and bold scientists I’ve met. His research on the neurobiology of animal hair pulling has huge potential applications for our treatment of trichotillomania.

I’ll be talking about “A Hard Day’s Night: How to treat to BFRBs combined with anxiety or depression” Saturday morning and “Boldly go into the next generation of CBT: Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy for BFRBs” Saturday afternoon. Be sure to come say hi!

Update: Handouts for my "A Hard Day's Night" panel are available here. You can also download my "Boldly go" handout here