Blogging for Mental Health

Ali Mattu blogging for mental health 

The American Psychological Association ran a great article on how blogging can promote mental health in this month's APA Monitor. The article explores how both patients and clinicians can benefit from expressive writing.

Here's an excerpt:

Long before the ubiquity of blogs and other social media, psychologists touted the benefits of writing about thoughts and emotions that arise from traumatic or stressful experiences. Since the 1980s, research by University of Texas at Austin psychology professor James Pennebaker, PhD, and others has found that short-term focused writing about emotions can enhance immune function, lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, reduce asthma and arthritis symptoms, and lessen sleep disturbances in patients with metastatic cancers. Research has also documented such psychological benefits as lowered anxiety, less rumination and fewer depressive symptoms.

Check out the full article for more, including the story of why I blog at Brain Knows Better.