Huffington Post Live: Phobias

Ali Mattu Huffington Post Live Phobias

Huffington Post Live has been running a wonderful weeklong series on mental health in America. Earlier segments focused on anxiety and depression/bipolar depression

I was honored to speak about phobias in today's segment. The panel included individuals who discussed their own phobias including fears of open spaces, clowns, flying, and snakes. 

Here's an excerpt from my conversation with host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani on the difference between fears and phobias: 

Are these phobias — are these fears — getting in the way of the person’s life? Is it making it hard for them to participate in all of their daily activities? Does it make it hard for them to get to school to participate in a job You can have a fear of sharks, but if you live in Kansas and you’re not really going near water, it really doesn’t affect you too much. It’s a different story if you’re living in Hawaii.

Check out the video in its entirety at Huffington Post Live.