Give Psychology Away


The APA Monitor recently interviewed me and a few colleagues in an article about giving psychology away. Here's an excerpt featuring Dr. Andrea Letamendi:

...her professional life has a superhero-like duality: When she's not at her day job — director of clinical training at the nonprofit mental health agency Hathaway Sycamores Child and Family Services — she's podcasting or writing her blog, "Under the Mask," which explores the psychology of comic book heroes and villains. Meanwhile, "The Arkham Sessions" podcast covers all topics in psychology, including brain trauma, mental illness and interventions as they relate to the Batman stories — and has had 275,000 downloads. 
Letamendi believes people are drawn to her use of superhero narratives to discuss mental health. "These stories are universal," she says. "One hundred percent of the time we can find something very human and relatable in these characters to draw us in."
To those who want to follow her social media lead, she recommends classes in communications and public relations. "In graduate school, I never thought I needed to know about communications and then suddenly I found myself giving a TEDx talk," she says.

Check out the full article to learn more.