How to let go of guilt

Bustle and I spoke about how to let go of guilt. Here's an excerpt: 

Not all guilt is bad. In an exchange over email, clinical psychologist and YouTuber Ali Mattu, Ph.D., tells me, "Guilt is a critical emotion for social relationships. Guilt seems to be related to empathy and can prevent us from doing something that might hurt someone else or break important societal rules. If we do something that makes us feel guilty, that experience can serve as an important lesson that keeps us from doing it again in the future." Basically, guilt can be an extremely important part of our emotional and social development.

However, that doesn't mean guilt is always a good thing. Dr. Mattu also notes that, "Guilt can become a problem if it is keeping you from living your life. Too much guilt can cloud your thoughts, lead you to feel significant distress, and make it hard to go through your daily activities."

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