Social media and news anxiety

Mashable and I spoke about coping with news anxiety from social media. Here's an excerpt: 

"One of the things about anxiety is that it's fueled by uncertainty," said Dr. Ali Mattu, a psychologist at the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders. "On social media, you can get news from many sources at once hitting you in many different ways, depending on who you're following. That's one of the things amplifying the sense of uncertainty."
There's a bit of a cycle here, Dr. Mattu explained. The news makes you anxious. The natural reaction to that is a craving for information that clarifies that news cycle—ostensibly, to help you feel better. But the world doesn't quite work like that: Compulsively reading more isn't going to produce new answers, though it probably will work you into a lather, and thus, make you feel worse.

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