What makes us happy at work?

Andrew Littlefield of Convene asked me what makes us happy at work? Here's an excerpt from our conversation.

“If we think about happiness big picture, it’s all about experiencing joy, positive emotions, feeling engaged with what you’re doing where time flies by, and then connection with meaning and purpose. All of those things apply to our personal life, and they also apply to our work life.”

That’s Dr. Ali Mattu, a clinical psychologist at Columbia University and host of “The Psych Show” on YouTube. He says happiness at work isn’t about sunshine and rainbows (or ping pong tables and kombucha on tap, as the case may be), but about feeling a sense of purpose and being constantly challenged.

“Probably one of the greatest things here that’s been shown in research related to work that’s tied to fulfillment and happiness is feeling like your work is tied to something greater—that there’s a great sense of meaning and purpose behind what you’re doing.”

Listen to our conversation for more.