Geek Therapy back to school special

On a special episode of the Geek Therapy podcast, we discussed back to school tips. Here's an excerpt of one of my tips:

The big tip I have for our community is embracing failure and thinking about failure in the same way that we do in video games. The first level you play in a video game you're not going to be that good or maybe that level it's pretty easy and it acclimates you to the world, but pretty early in the game you're going to die. Then you restore back to your spawn point and you have another chance. In that moment you've learned from what happened last time you've learned from the mistake you've made. This is how we get so good at video games so quickly.

I wish I had learned this lesson earlier so I would really learn from the classes I was struggling in. Learn from the setbacks I was making on my tests and thinking of those tests more more like I do with high score points in video games. It's just feedback and it's feedback you can learn from. It's not permanent, especially right now in the school year it's so early on that there're so many opportunities to learn from these setbacks.

Check out the full episode for more.